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This should appear on the left side of the document, below the committee names. However, there are some comments in therse files that could be helpful. Options There are five primary options: If you experience any errors with the Recommendation Request form or if you need to submit a new request to a new recommender, contact casgrad american.

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Within the text, headings, captions and table titles of two or more lines may be single-spaced. Funding In recent years, the department has been able to fund all five members of the incoming class.

Introduction A good introduction orients the reader to the importance of the problem by providing sufficient background information. Register for the next TOR exam.


Definition of terms This section describes the definitions of terms used in the research problem and the hypothesis. AU Library Digital Research Archive Agreement In order to support the common interest in broad, rapid and affordable dissemination of peer-reviewed literature shared by scholars and their institutions, American University Library hosts the Open Access Digital Research Archive.

Student scans signed title page and merges the page into thesis or dissertation PDF document.

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It should be possible to accept or reject the hypothesis by collecting and analyzing data. To submit Praxis, use school code: Students should perform a fair use analysis for any copyrighted material they wish to include and seek permission from the author if fair use does not seem to apply.

Citing an author from an edited book That is, a book that consists of chapters or articles written by different authors. To submit GREsuse school code: In the next section, the student may choose to purchase products and services offered by ProQuest.

You need to acknowledge the author of the chapter or article you used.

Line Spacing All text must be double-spaced, with the following exceptions these are optional, but may enhance the readability of your document: GRE scores can take up to six week to arrive after the test date. Students may find it helpful to speak with mentors in their field.

This section involves a description of the reason for the conduct of the study, followed by research questions and hypotheses. All conclusions should be directly related to the research question.

Appendix A contains a sample table of contents. For more information about these options, see Chapter 5. Pagination in the table of contents must accurately correspond to pagination in the text, and headings should be worded in the table of contents exactly as they are worded in the text.

Did any of the subjects drop-out? After reviewing the document, staff from the school or college will notify the student if formatting revisions are required or if the format has been accepted. Alternatively, a student can be certified based on the following: A description of each supplementary file should be included in the abstract.

Limitations The main limitations of the study will be elaborated in the "Recommendations" section.THESIS COPYRIGHT RELEASE FORM LEBANESE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY NON-EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION LICENSE By signing and submitting this license, you (the author(s) or copyright owner) grants the Lebanese American University (LAU) the.

GAU Graduate School Thesis Preparation Guide. GAU Graduate School Thesis Preparation Guide. Close. Sign In Sign in to GAU Network. Unpublished master`s/doctoral thesis. University. Begg, N. M. (). Motivation in the classroom. Unpublished master`s thesis. The American University. General University Requirements for Graduate Admission Full Admission For full admission to a graduate degree program at AUS, Academic Requirements.

Transfer credit will not be accepted for research and thesis hours, travel experience or work/life experience.

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Graduate Academic Requirements & Regulations Print-Friendly Page. Add to Portfolio. Thesis Requirements.

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Additional to required courses, most master’s degree programs and the PhD program require a thesis. The following grading system is used at the American University in Cairo. Master's degrees range from 36 to 48 semester hours (about courses) and culminate with a thesis, capstone course, internship, or integrative practicum.

Dual degree programs allow for completion of two master's degrees within a compressed time frame, and range from semester hours ( courses) of study with one culminating capstone.

The dissertation, when completed, must be accepted by the dissertation committee, the department chair, and the university As part of the doctoral requirements, clinical students serve a one-year externship and a one-year internship in an appropriate setting outside the universityFounder: Chartered by Congress.

American university thesis requirements
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