An analysis of the book darkness be my friend by john marsden

They all share the terrible experiences of Cobblers, Stratton Prison and the death of Robyn. They are starting to embrace the inner darkness, it is becoming their friend. Much better that the author writes about situations he is comfortable with describing than not.

Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten. But only because he thought he might catch something from me. The next day I felt awful. I felt too sick and drunk to stop him, to even try to stop him.

For me though, there is another layer of meaning, perhaps unintended. I felt dizzy and sick. Ellie Linton, one of the bravest, most innovative, most dogged and determined characters in Australian literature has fully hit her stride and the contest is over.

I felt sick at myself. She crosses her Rubicon there in the graveyard that night. Looking back across the series I see this book setting a darker tone which is continued through "The Other Side of Dawn". I had a terrible headache anyway, and my stomach felt like it was still doing slow spins, but worse, far worse, was the way I felt such a slut.

Time and again the author goes to great lengths to strip the team of weaponry or more particularly - ammunition even when doing so is quite implausable.

I really am absolutely disappointed though, like these books have such awesome dynamic scenes.

Darkness, Be My Friend Quotes

It took me about an hour to get it out but in the end I told her everything. I love the action scenes. Then, of course, their betrayal at the end by Colonel Finley - though this plays out mainly in the next novel.

Darkness, Be My Friend

Pretty irresponsible of the New Zealanders. There is plenty of action but the drama of the characters experiences overshadows it. The first time I read this book, the mix between action and contemplation seemed firmly on the contemplation side, but that impression was false.

And there was food all right: Its not hard to see why. Not of crying, but of being so cheap. It was so against everything I stood for, everything I believed in. One of the most dreadful things about the modern WWI and after infantry combat environment is how it destroys people mentally.

Homer forces the issue of returning to Australia as a way of getting the upper hand and Ellie is both infuriated and battered by it. On the other hand, the most interesting is the insane persistance with the sugar. From this novel on, to my way of thinking, there is a darkness that is slowly consuming them, slowly destroying them from within.

When we got in the bedroom he fell backwards on the bed, taking me with him. I just cringe when I think of the risks involved if the situation was real. Or better still, the reactions of anyone who knows "that creep Adam" - thank you Fi. In consequence they turn into rebels and do a shit load of amazing things.

This novel is still powerfully uplifting and inspiring, but the characters have gone through too much and they are starting to unravel.

Darkness Be My Friend

In consequence they turn into Okay, so I feel like I should write a review of this book because there is a rape scene that is romanticized, and passed off as a sex scene. I am so fucking tired of seeing abuse romanticized in YA literature.

The Tomorrow Series: Darkness Be My Friend : Book 4

By the way, the term "slut" is not real. I felt so ashamed. The opposite of bloody-mindedness and a lot smarter. The evasion up into the trees, the breakout on horseback, the bushfire, the insanely persistent attempt with the sugar, the hostage officer; all are written with power.

Darkness, Be My Friend (The Tomorrow Series #4)

What happened to foreplay even? All these things have happened in previous novels but each time before they bounce back. Rest in a place of safety generally helps with Combat Fatigue, and they end with a retreat to the safety of Hell, but there Finley betrays them and their own mental problems drive them quickly out to seek action again with the start of "Burning for Revenge".John Marsden be my friend Published by User, 14 years ago Although not as action-packed and satisfying as the previous books in the series, Darkness Be My Friend stands out as one of the best.

Sep 27,  · The Tomorrow Series: Darkness Be My Friend by John Marsden,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide/5(14K). "Darkness, Be My Friend" starts with the dominance game between Ellie and Homer going full swing.

Homer forces the issue of returning to Australia as a way of getting the upper hand and Ellie is both infuriated and battered by it. In 'Darkness,' Marsden's teenage narrator Ellie is forced out of a sort of retirement in New Zealand after she and her friends accomplished a spectacular act of resistance in 'A Killing Frost.' Perhaps this is best, as Ellie seems at loose ends/5.

John Marsden is one of my favorite authors. His work makes the characters realistic and keeps you on the edge of your seat in adventure. This book arrived in excellent condition, was shipped well and quickly/5(44). Darkness, Be My Friend by John Marsden is the fourth book in the series about a group of teens who return from a wilderness camping trip to find their country has been invaded and their families taken 4/5(14).

An analysis of the book darkness be my friend by john marsden
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