Buying function

And Buying function would need to happen now for you to be able to factor in a solution and move forward? A standard conveys a uniformity of the products. The type of transportation is chosen on several considerations, such as suitability, speed and cost. Marketing information and its proper analysis has led to marketing research which has now become an independent branch of marketing.

Buying and selling are the two functions to be performed at a time in marketing process. He is a straight shooter who can get to the real issues in lightening speed. Risk bearing in marketing refers to the financial risk interest in the ownership of goods held for an anticipated demand including the possible losses due to a fall in prices and the losses from spoilage, depreciation, obsolescence, fire and floods or any other loss that may occur with the passage of time.

The other activities that facilitate marketing are standardisation and grading.

Features and Functions of Buying Facilitation®

How do you know that your buyers are ready, willing, and able to buy now? Similarly, retailers buy goods directly from manufacturers or wholesalers to sell to ultimate consumers.

For instance if the planned stock turns for the store is 6 times a year, then the ideal stock holding at any point of time should be equivalent to 2 months stock cover.

Buying function, they Buying function be carried out by any company that wants to operate its marketing systems successfully. Mike has cultivated the ability to use his financial background to great effect by linking a businesses operating performance to key financial parameters thereby improving its efficiency and profitability.

A wholesaler buys products to resell them to the retailers. This may involve quantity weight or size or it may involve quality colour, shape, appearance, material, taste, sweetness etc. They may buy raw materials, semi-finished goods and parts etc.

He had a solid understanding of our business situation and was good at identifying and analyzing relevant information that led to optimum decisions. They may also be due to decay, deterioration and accidents, or due to fluctuation in the prices caused by changes in their supply and demand.

All these activities or jobs are not performed by every firm.


Proper OTB planning prevents over-buying, eliminates confusion and consequently enables maximizing profits. In the absence of buying, exchange or marketing becomes impossible.

A global bank agreed to a multi million dollar software solution from my client, a well-branded consulting company. Such buyers are called industrial buyers. Assembling means to purchase necessary component parts and to fit them together to make a product. Government may also set some standards, for example, in case of agricultural products.

My client had been doing small projects peripheral to the large implementation and met regularly with many of the "C" level execs. Modern marketing requires a lot of information adequately, accurately and speedily.

Grading means classification of standardised products into certain well defined classes or groups. If the forward cover is 2 months and the current month is Month 1, then the stock required would be the sum of the forecasted sales on Month 2 and 3. Legislative measures of government may also cause risks.

Merchandise Planning vs. Buying

His perspective was quite often different that other members of management which ultimately made us a stronger team. Branded consumer products may bear grade labels A, B, C. They also may buy necessary supplies and operating materials to facilitate production process.

This is based on the planned stock turns. Wholesalers buy bulk quantity of goods directly from manufacturers to sell to retailers or consumers. It is core of marketing.

This figure indicates the OTB quantity. Risk means loss due to some unforeseen circumstances in future. Selling plays an important part in realising the ultimate aim of earring profit. His personable style was very effective, and his colleagues quickly gained confidence in his ability to … Gerry Ireland Business Advisor and Mentor at Shampooheads I have worked with Mike Holtzer for almost 20 years and am very happy to recommend him.

It became apparent, within 15 minutes, that the bank had a 4 year history of problematic relationships with one of the union reps left over from the previous CEO and until that was resolved, nothing would happen.

What has stopped you from managing this problem years ago? From production of goods to its selling stage, many risks are involved due to changes in market conditions, natural causes and human factors.Being a professional seller with a great, fairly priced product, doesn't cause clients to buy, or you would have closed all of the prospects you've tried to sell.

Below, you'll find some of the main ideas behind Buying Facilitation®. Buying and selling are the two functions to be performed at a time in marketing process. Buying goods for use or resale is called buying.

Taking goods by paying certain price to the seller is buying. Definition of purchasing: The activity of acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of an organization. The major objectives of purchasing are to (1) maintain the quality and value of a company's products, (2).

Marketing is the catalyst which maximises gross profit from turnover, and thus marketing and buying are two sides of the same coin. Laurie Leigh, Tesco Managing Director responsible for marketing, buying and distribution takes the view that they are inseparable in practice for one provides the base from which the other operates.

Apr 09,  · The Buying Function - OTB 'OPEN TO BUY' - some very important and relevant points that all buyers and planners need to keep in mind. For any retail organization, buying is an extremely critical function in Retail Mantras.

8 Main Functions of Marketing | Marketing Management

There is a difference between Merchandise Planning and Buying. Within a business these two functions should be separated as much as possible and should report to different managers. This is a concept that I am very passionate about and have used in many projects to improve a GMROI within retail/wholesale businesses.

Buying function
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