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Such costs cannot, therefore, be capitalized. You will find direct link to a webpage of this site for the detailed analysis of provisions of particular section of CA I welcome your comments and feedback.

Section 189 of Companies Act, 2013

The quorum shall be one — third of total strength or two directors whichever is higher. For preparation of consolidated financial statements, the following conditions are to be followed, namely: Accounting Standard AS 16, inter alia provides guidance with regard to part capitalization where some units of a project are complete.

Applicability of Accounting Standards. Prohibition on Acceptance of Deposits from Public No company shall invite, accept Companies act 2013 renew deposits on or after commencement of Companies Act, a.

Accounting Standards AS and AS prescribe the principles of capitalization of various costs based on the underlying concept that only such expenditure should be capitalized as form a part of the cost of fixed assets Companies act 2013 increase the worth of the assets.

An overview of CSR Rules under Companies Act, 2013

Except in manner provided in Chapter-V. A meeting at shorter notice is possible subject to presence of at least one independent director, if company has one or more.

Where a meeting of the Board could not be held for want of quorum, then the meeting shall automatically stand adjourned to the same day at the same time and place in the next week or if that day is a national holiday, till the next succeeding day, which is not a national holiday, at the same time and place.

Of the 16 Chapters, only 13 Chapters require specifying of Forms referred to in those Chapters.


If you are our old customer, you will be eligible for newly updated edition of this eBook at very nominal price. In pursuance of requirements imposed by lending institutions on the promoters to contribute such finance, b.

Therefore, not every receipt of money or loan is deposit. Till the Standards of Accounting or any addendum thereto are prescribed by Central Government in consultation and recommendation of the National Financial Reporting Authority, the existing Accounting Standards notified under the Companies Act, shall continue to apply.

One of the most liked features of this eBook is linking Sections and Notified Rules i. Provided that nothing in this sub-rule, except clause ishall apply to companies whose securities are listed or are in the process of being listed on SME exchange as referred to Companies act 2013 the Institutional Trading Platform without initial public offering in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements Regulations, Not applicable to banking companies Company private or public can accept deposits from members only: The eligible company shall not accept deposits.

Every company shall cause minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of its Board of Directors or of every committee of the Board, to be prepared and signed in such manner as may be prescribed and kept within thirty days of the conclusion of every such meeting concerned in books kept for that purpose with their pages consecutively numbered.

In case one of the units of the project is ready for commercial production and is capable of being used while construction continues for the other units, costs should be capitalized in relation to that part once the part is ready for commercial production.

Oppression and Mismanagement In Companies Act,the protection for the minority shareholders from oppression and mismanagement have been provided under section An Application to be made to company law board for relief in cases of oppression and An Application to be made to company law board for relief in cases of oppression.applicable auditing and assurance standard has the same meaning as in section 5 of the Financial Reporting Act or under the Companies Actthe Companies Actthe Companies Actthe Companies Actor the Joint Stock Companies Act Sep 03,  · Companies Act Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times.

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Welcome to -The site provides indepht content on Companies Act and Companies Act Section of Companies Act, deals with Overall maximum managerial remuneration and managerial remuneration in case of absence or inadequacy of profits. Contents 1 From the Act.

Full text containing the act, Companies Act,with all the sections, schedules, short title, enactment date, and footnotes.

Companies act 2013
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