Competitive strategies of chinese textile industry economics essay

Central decision making The decisions are made by the upper management which is weakness of the DTML because they have no proper idea about the situation and their decision can be not fruitful for the company.

Cheap Labour available Just like in all industries in Pakistan, Din textiles have availability of cheap labor at their disposal. Essay UK - http: Since the elimination of quota in the yearmany new competitors as well as consumers have joined the global market.

Diversified Products Din Textile has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality and diverse products and this is displayed in their product line. Similarly, modern management techniques are a major need, particularly in areas of advertising, promotion, Finance and Human Resource Management.

There is hardly any investment in research and development in the Din Textiles, or indeed in any other Pakistani industry, which puts Pakistani textile companies at a significant disadvantage in the world forum. In the analytical procedures were received substantive justification for increasing the competitiveness of the textile industry in China through the use of organizational and technological innovation, as well as through review of government support measures under consideration of the economic sphere.

Staple cotton for a short term period is a category of cotton which is readily available in Pakistan and which is of a very high quality. However, differentiation has been made possible because of difference in the product costs, quality, and services provided which affects the selection of substitutes Saluja, The purpose of this article is to study the role of the economies of the East Asian countries in the global economic development.

High and big companies can use this category of cotton in its textiles for use in the composite plant for processing. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Business work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

This is being done to get a competitive edge over rival firms so that when the WTO promulgates free economy in the whole world, DTML will have no problem in competing with international competitors.

At the same time products from U. The competition involves firms and countries trying different strategies. The local and international untapped segments have much potential for the company to exploit them. Although workers at Din textile mills are paid higher than other employees in the similar industry, their salary rate is still quite lower than what workers get globally.

Reduction of cost by proper utilization of resources If the cost of different matters which is not being utilized properly is controlled by the management of Din Textile Mills, they can reduce this cost by efficiently utilizing the resource that are not utilized properly and by introducing the improved inventory management standards.

If the country is not performing well company can suffer loses and due to the quota system the company can be restricted by the government to export. Globally Economic instability Similar to the above mentioned point, global economic instability is also a concern in the country.

And in particular the purpose of this article is to analyze the situation of the textile industry of China in the world market and the prospects for its definition of sustainable and competitive development. Tough international and national competitors Textile industry in Pakistan is quite competitive and there are big brand names in the country due to which the competition in the country is quite competitive.

Textile firms equally compete for customers both at the national and the international levels. This, joined with their up to date and high technological machinery, gives them the aggressive edge over rival firms in the global marketplace.

They are not commonly known to the general people and companies in the country and globally. Apart from this, the Asian market for textile is also competitive and dominant and competition from China, India and Bangladesh provide tough competition for Din textile mills.

Access to high quality cotton Din Textiles produces yarn for its fabrics, as it has a merged spinning unit, for its medium-end products it uses the short staple cotton.

Because of the global economic instability the export of Pakistan textile sector have gone down which also have affected DTML in worse possible way.

Textile Industry essay

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Pakistan as a whole has a very low share and companies like Din textile can increase that share in the future. Even though it may be difficult to carry out product or service differentiation in such a mature industry, price competition and product introduction have remain to be essential strategic elements for most competitors.

It also been argued that Products from China are similar to those made in India and can substitute one another. Resultantly, the smaller players who can not venture into the global markets are flooding the domestic markets with excess supply, thus weakening the pricing scenario. Small market share globally Although Din textile mills has pretty decent market share in the country, it has small market share in the global textile industry due to the sound competitors like china, and Bangladesh etc.

They can also expand their product line to other product bases which are more commonly sold in the international market.Competitive Strategies Of Chinese Textile Industry Economics Essay Published: November 21, The history of textile goes back to thirteen century when cloth was made at home by hand.

However, with the sharp increase in the world market prices, the textile industry in China is losing its competitive advantage. With the development of social economy and the progress of human. Competitiveness in the Garment and Textiles Industry: Creating a supportive environment A CASE STUDY OF BANGLADESH Dr.

Sanchita Banerjee Saxena, Associate Director, Center for South Asia Studies, University of California, to the garment industry, but to the economy as a whole. Textile industry in Pakistan is quite competitive and there are big brand names in the country due to which the competition in the country is quite competitive.

Apart from this, the Asian market for textile is also competitive and dominant and competition from China, India and Bangladesh provide tough competition for Din textile mills. The objective of this paper is to examine how the development of a textile industry contributes to economic growth in the global economy.

Because textile manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry, developing countries are able to utilize their labor surplus to enter the market and begin the.

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This paper has analyzed qualitatively the deep-seated reasons of industry competitiveness of Guangdong textile and clothing industry basing on Porter's Diamond Model, and then researched international competitiveness in post-quota period by using recent years'data.

Competitive strategies of chinese textile industry economics essay
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