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He mustered up the immense prestige and the unquestioning loyalty he commanded among the people to energize them, to raise their morale, land directed the profound feelings of patriotism that the freedom had generated, along constructive channels.

Quaid E Azam

Undismayed by this bleak situation. Then he went to England for higher education.


Equally hostile were the British to the Muslim demand, their hostility having stemmed from their belief that the unity of lndia was their main achievement and their foremost contribution.

Muhammad Iqbal[] The well documented influence of Iqbal on Jinnah, with regard to taking the lead in creating Pakistan, has been described as "significant", "powerful" and even "unquestionable" by scholars. He was what God made him, a great pleader.

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Pakistan, it has been truly said, was born in virtual chaos.

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His tomb is in Karachi. Had there been no highly intelligent, highly disciplined, hard working, supremely, self-confident, driven by the dream and drove others.

I admire his style, his personality and what he did for the Muslims of our country. It was brought home to them, like a bolt of lightning, that even if the Congress did not win a single Muslim seat Despite all the manifold odds stacked against it, the Muslim Leauge won some about 23 per cent seats out of a total of Muslim seats In the various legislature.

Jinnah politely declined the offer, stating that he planned to earn 1, rupees a day—a huge sum at that time—which he eventually did. For him, death had virtually become a trivial consideration for the accomplishment of his noble mission.

Though in shattered health, he had to accept the first Governor Generalship of Pakistan. He was a hardworking and industrious person. Full power remained in the hands of the Viceroy, however, who could dissolve legislatures and rule by decree.

Jinnah stated, "If I live to see the ideal of a Muslim state being achieved in India, and I was then offered to make a choice between the works of Iqbal and the rulership of the Muslim state, I would prefer the former. Indeed, his life tale constitutes, as it were, the story of the rebirth of the Muslims of the subcontinent and their astounding rise to nationhood, phoenix-like.

He had been greatest spokesman of the Indian Muslims for a separate state for them. He got us, the Muslims, freedom by forming a political group called the Muslim League.

In Bombay he came to know, among other important Congress personalities, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the eminent Maratha leader.

The Way Jinnah manoeuvred to turn the tide of events at a time when all seemed lost indicated, above all, his masterly grasp of the, situation and his adeptness at making strategic and tactical moves.

Soon preparations started for the elections under the Government of India Act of He was as firm as a rock. And all that inside a decade. Fourthly, the Quaid was an extremely devoted and committed leader.

Inhe got Pakistan and worked as the first Governor-General of Pakistan.Short essay on my favourite personality quaid e azam in english. Essays on slavery in the caribbean. Essay of best day of my life dissertation article essay terms xylitol argument essay on cost of childcare?

essays on photography quotes dietrich bouts resurrection analysis essay (is capitalism good or bad for america essay) koloratur. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was notable politician and founder of Pakistan.

He was born in Karachi in 25th of December, and died in his tomb is also in Karachi. Essay on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in English -. Mar 07,  · Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on the 25th December, His father, Jinnah Poonjah, was a big merchant of Karachi.

Though a very rich merchant, Mr. Poonjah wanted to give good education to his son and keep him away from business. Quaid-e-Azam is a phrase which, in the Urdu language, means "the great leader".

Essay on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in English

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December in Karachi into a Kasana family of Ismaili Shia Islam. At home, his family talked in Gujarati language, and the children also came to speak Kutchi and English.

Apr 04,  · An Essay On Quaid-E-Azam OR Our National Hero Posted by: Mohammed Yaqoob on 4/15/ in Essays, Paragraphs 61 Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jannah was architect of Pakistan. Apr 15,  · Quaid-e-Azam was born in Karachi on 29 December His Father name Jinnah Punjab. He has Completed his education first .

Essay for quaid azam in english
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