Ethical systems table phl 323

A shipping where house has the goal of remaining injury free for days. He finds one that should be his, since it was not his fault he forgot his lunch. The workers who visit the break room sometimes practice Human nature ethics. The break room has vending machines and soda machines that are available to every worker.

Egoists Hedonists Virtue system F. The worker is sharing their own Relativistic ethics based on their own personal experience with the treats making themself fat.

Feelings based Equality based E. They will choose this virtue system by selecting the same unhealthy sugar filled products from the vending machine, instead of opting for the healthy fresh items that are good for their health. I believe I will eat sand because it is the standard meal for my community.

The integrity, character, intentions, and motivation of the person are more important than the act itself. Deontology, pluralism, moral rights, rights-based Categorical imperative Golden rule C.

I believe people should be able to eat sand if they want to because they are free to make the decision themselves. He looks through the refrigerator to see if anyone has brought a sandwich. Morally subjective Feelings based A. He enjoys the sandwich with his Entitlement-based ethics.

PHL 323 Week 2 Ethical Systems Table

The worker warns that those chocolate treats will lead to obesity. In ethics, deontological ethics, or deontology Greek: One workers enters the break room and finds a co-worker eating a chocolate treat from the vending machine.

Rights-based ethics are applied to the break room, or else perhaps the woman workers would not have access to the soda machine.

It is my moral obligation to respect authority figures. I believe people should be able to eat sand if they like the taste of it.

The business owners provide fresh snacks in the break room vending machines.

Some systems are based on biblical or tenets from sacred. It is subjective and focuses on personal experience as a form of judgment, and many different factors play a role in determining how a person uses this system.

The staff is focused on the final outcome days away. It is my duty to follow through with instructions my boss gives me, even if I do not agree with the concept. I believe that if sand is going to be eaten, it should be available for everyone to eat.

I believe people should be able to eat sand because it is the right thing to do. Justice Equality Equal rights B. Any Topic or Difficulty can be handled. Goal oriented Teleological Utilitarianism G. The team is working towards the final purpose, so they are practicing consequence-based ethics.

It is the highest standard available. A worker enters the break room who forgets to bring his lunch.View Test Prep - Ethical Systems Table from PHL at University of Phoenix. Ethical Systems TableAnswer Key Directions: 1.

Fill in brief definitions of each primary ethical theory. 2. Identify%(8). Ethical Systems Table Phl Version 4. This paperwork PHL Week 5 Learning Team Assignments Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Learning Team Action Plan Presentation includes overview of the following parts: Introduction Root Problems Symptom of Problems Unresolved Issues Ethical Issues Ethical Theories Analyze and.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Phl Week 2 Ethical Systems Table. the table; make a note in the table to see the attached examples, however, so your facilitator knows to look for scenarios below the table.

Format references consistent with APA guidelines and include them after the table. Ethical Systems Table PHL/ Version 4 Relativistic Ethics Ethics based on a belief that there is no moral absolute or moral right and wrong as the morals of right and wrong largely depend on the social norms/5(3).

Ethical System Table Essay Ethical Systems Table PHL/ June 20, Ethical Theory or System | Brief Definition | Other Names for Theory the ethics of care and egoism.

All the ethical systems will be discussed and examples of each will be provided so that a better Read More. Words 3 Pages. Essay about Three Major Ethical.

Ethical systems table phl 323
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