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Your academic paper will be written from scratch. Enjoy our professional term paper writing service! The tax net of the country should be extended to the agricultural sector for rapping a huge amount of revenue from the rich agriculturists.

Furthermore, fiscal policy helps to keep the prices on their appropriate level and with the help of this method the government solves numerous social problems, like poverty, and provides itself with the support of the people.

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Growing trend of tax evasion has made the tax machinery ineffective for the purpose. Mobilisation of taxes by the Government stands around 15 to 16 per cent of the national income of the country during recent years.

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If it is raised, then banks may have to collect on some loans to meet the new reserve requirement. The tax structure of the country should try to Fiscal policy term paper more progressive elements so that it can put heavy burden on the rich and less burden on the poor. To return to surplus by —20 the government is relying on automatic stabilizers to improve the cyclical component of the budget, together with limits on the growth in discretionary spending to improve the structural component of the budget.

One of the important goals of fiscal policy formulated by the Government of India is to attain rapid economic development of the country. Total tax revenue collected by the Government of India stands at The monetary policy is a good way to influence the money supply, but it does have its weaknesses.

Define key terms e. Avoid including additional sentences that have no further relevance and cannot be analyzed. The twin deficits hypothesis suggests that budget deficits, used to stimulate the economy, cause current account deficits and therefore should be minimized.

To promote necessary development in the private sector through fiscal incentive; 4. The Government of India has introduced several fiscal policy reforms which constitute the main basis of the stabilisation policy of the country.

Following are some of the important merits or advantages of fiscal policy of Government of India: Thus knowing fully the evils of deficit financing, planners are still maintaining a high rate of deficit financing in the absence of increased tax revenue due to large scale tax evasion and negative contribution of public enterprises.

The Commission submitted at least eight reports covering 43 PSUs and also undertook diagnostic studies in in respect of these undertakings for giving recommendations. The benefits of the monetary system are that it can be enacted immediately with quick results.

Direct taxes are progressive by nature and most of indirect taxes are regressive in nature. Following are some of the important measures of fiscal policy reforms adopted by the Government of India in recent years: Fiscal policy of the country has been playing an important role in raising the rate of capital formation in the country both in its public and private sectors.

In this introduction I chose to focus on defining the key terms and specifically identifying economic objectives that will be individually discussed within body paragraphs. However, an alternative approach could include a discussion of different elements related to fiscal policy.

Nevertheless, fiscal drag has meant income tax revenue continues to rise.Fiscal Policy. Fiscal Policy Paper Juan Mendez ECO/ November 10, Adelaida-Torres-Dilan Fiscal Policy Paper This paper will detail how and why the U.S.

deficit, surplus and debt have an impact on the U.S. Economy. Fiscal Policy Term Paper: Fiscal policy is the governmental policy, which is called one of the methods of the country’s intervention into economics, and is aimed at the reduction of the fluctuation of business cycles and maintenance of stable economic system in the country.

The main tools of fiscal policy are the profit and expenditure of the state and. FISCAL POLICY AND LONG-TERM GROWTH 4 INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND INTRODUCTION 1.

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Fiscal policy can play an important role in supporting strong, lasting and equitable growth. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, potential output in many affected countries declined sharply.

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An effective fiscal policy is composed of policy decisions relating to entire financial structure of the government including tax revenue, public expenditures, loans, transfers, debt management, budgetary deficit, etc.

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