Hsc modern history essay questions

You need to assess how the question applies to your personality. This structure can radically improve your ability to effectively answer the question, especially if you struggle with this section as much as I did initially.

At university, I wrote an essay for criminal law and the marker dedicated a whole page in his comments to saying how much he disagreed with my argument. However, it is an excellent method to employ if you are struggling to put body paragraphs together, which is a common problem for many people.

An argument which has great depth and complexity is much easier to understand if you write it clearly and in a well organised and structured manner.

Structure With modern and all essays in general, structure is extremely important. In order to do this, there are a variety of techniques which can be employed. Scaffolding allows you to prepare for your response before you write it Source Analysis: Part B of the personality section This part of Section III is widely regarded as being the most difficult question on the exam paper, especially when the question involves a quote.

Part A a 10 mark response; and Part B a 15 mark response. This is because it demonstrates that you have a deep enough understanding of the course to be able to form your own view from two separate and distinct arguments. Whilst most people know this, some colloquialisms are difficult to pick up on.

Whilst it may seem obvious, having them marked is of vital importance, as the feedback is what helps you identify areas in need of improvement. In year 10, essay writing was my weakest area, but by the end of year 12 it was my strongest as I constantly wrote practice essays and had them marked by my teachers.

When writing essays, most people merely give a description of the question. Edit and proofread your response This is another crucial element in a successful extended response as it allows you to improve your answer and remove any mistakes you may have accidentally made.

Part B is requires you to critically evaluate your personality in relation to the provided quote. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis This refers to a technique where two contradictory views are examined in detail. Personally, I rarely ever used this technique, as I preferred a more free flowing design for my paragraphs.

15+ HSC Modern History Past Papers – The Master List

It should give the marker a preview of what you are going to discuss in that paragraph. HOWEVER, this structure is not absolute and there are many other methods which can be employed to answer this question.

Two techniques which can be used will be discussed further below. For example, if you memorise a response on the Conflict in Europe regarding the North Africa campaign, and the questions ask for the Eastern Front and Appeasement, your memorised response will be useless. Writing practice essays can greatly help improve your essay writing skills.

What does the Personality Section look like?HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION. Modern History. Section II — National Studies. 25 marks Attempt ONE question from Questions 9– NSW Higher School Certificate Modern History questions HSC Modern History Exam questions 15, views.

Share; Like; Download Cin Barnsley, Working Essay writing was never my forte as English isn’t my first language but because I was good at math so they put me into Honors English.

I really couldn’t be. HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION. Modern History.

Want a Perfect Response for your HSC Modern History Personality?

Section II — National. Studies. 25 marks Attempt ONE question from Questions 9– A detailed breakdown of the Conflict in Indochina HSC syllabus which accordingly maps out the direction of essay question. As it is virtually impossible to memorise a preset modern history essay, this document strives to assist and breakdown the whole syllabus and future questions plans.

Essay on Modern History WW1 HSC War on the Western Front Reasons for the Stalemate: The failure of the Schlieffen Plan – Russia mobilized faster than expected, forcing Germany to redirect some troops from France. Preliminary Modern History Essay - Who is to blame for WW1.

Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus (2009)

This student studied: HSC - Year 11 - Modern History. This is an essay about the origins of WW1, who is to blame and the causes. It covers three different historical perspect 3 Ex Credits 3 Exchange Credits View Details.

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Hsc modern history essay questions
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