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They perch mainly on 3—10 metre high perches and feed mostly on ground insects. The neck and throat are purplish lilac with white shaft streaks.

They may also use taller perches and obtain insects from the upper canopy of trees. They descend to the ground to capture their prey which may include insects, arachnidssmall reptiles, small snakes and amphibians.

They have also been observed perching in trees and shrubs. The eggs are white and broad oval or nearly spherical.

Displays when perched include bill-up displays, bowing, allopreening, wing drooping and tail fanning. In agricultural habitats in southern India, they have been found at densities of about 50 birds per km2.

The southern form has a darker reddish collar on the hind neck which is missing in the nominate form. Three subspecies are recognized: Rollers tend mostly at a heights of m height from where they forage for ground insects.

Favoured perches include electric or telegraphic wires. The nominate form is found from western Asia Iraq, Arabia east across the Indian Subcontinent, and within India north of the Vindhyas mountain ranges. The normal clutch consists of about eggs.

The primaries are deep purplish blue with a band of pale blue. Originally described as a separate species. The bird bathes in open water by plunge-diving into it, a behaviour often interpreted as fishing. It is especially vociferous during the breeding season.

Indian roller

The subspecies indicus is found in peninsular India and Sri Lanka. The nostril is long and exposed and there are long rictal bristles at the base of the bill.Contextual translation of "about indian roller bird" into Telugu. Human translations with examples: ఇండియన్ రోలర్.

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brief facts about indian roller bird - in telugu `pala pitta' samacharam. Nagpur: By garnering 58% votes, Indian Roller, popularly called as ‘Nilpankh’ in local parlance, won the race for ‘Bird of Wardha’ by a thumping major.

Indian roller (Indian blue roller, northern roller and southern blue roller) and BirdLife International Recent Essay Challenges. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges – Week Ability is nothing without opportunity. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges – Week Death Penalty eliminates Criminals, not Crime.

The Indian Roller is a stocky bird about 26–27 cm long and can only be confused within its range with the migratory European Roller. The breast is brownish and not blue as in the European Roller. The crown and vent are blue.

Indian roller essay
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