Jay z entrepreneur essay

Obviously, Jay Z was never the type. Jay Z is both — an artist and an entrepreneur but that has not stopped him from valuing his mentors and asking them for help.

Yet some have risked financial instability by investing millions of dollars in projects that never materialized. Most entrepreneurs are keen on building their business, solidify its sector imprint and grow its market share before thinking about selling the business to other investors.

Entrepreneurship makes you help the world As an entrepreneur, Jay Z has had numerous opportunities of making a significant change in the world. However, he never attended business school.

Barack Obama asked him to support his campaign in as a presidential candidate. Instead, he founded his record label.

However, that will not happen if you are just seeking help without ever helping your self. Very rarely would you see a serial entrepreneur who has only successes in his or her portfolio.

But very few know that Franklin was one of the Fast forward to today.

He sees music as his passion and an excellent way to express himself, but his overall mentality is towards building an empire. Therefore, rap served an escape from all the negativity he was facing in his life.

Jay-Z was prepared for this. Ask Magic Johnsonwho embarked on a prosperous business career after a successful NBA career and…a less successful bout with disease.

He grew up in Brooklyn, living with his mum who had to support their family on her own. It is expanding its horizons as the Nets is gaining incredible popularity in Brooklyn. The club has multiplied to various locations and has just piled up more returns for this super mind-set entrepreneur.

He is a frequent visitor of his bar and loves to hang out there in his free time. Whether it be their friends or family. Not only did this enable him to gain a huge profit but also gave him a chance to start something of his own in the sports industry.

10 Success Lessons from Jay-Z

He shared the idea with his crew members, and they were all discouraging saying that the music industry just uses artists and musicians.

In that sense, serial entrepreneurs are akin to social entrepreneurs because they contribute — indirectly or directly — to lifting millions of people out of disadvantageous situations, such as illiteracy, famine, poverty or poor health.

Whenever he used to wonder around with his friends, he would always carry a pad around in case something triggered any new lyrics to come about. This is because they are so passionate about their idea or vision, they are willing to wait as long as necessary to see it through.

He has toured and had hit records, but the real money has come from the businesses that he invested in as he founded Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear.

You can either let rejections destroy you or make you successful, and the decision is completely yours.10 Success Lessons from Jay-Z. SHARES. k. VIEWS. Jay Z is a serious entrepreneur. He didn’t just start a business and take it from there.

He created a proper and official business plan to make sure he knew exactly what. The launch is the latest in a string of business successes for the year-old rapper, who owns a record label, talent agency, and fashion brand.

His estimated net worth is $ million. Jay Z has. I know many of you are expecting me to mention Jay Z, Russell Simmons, Mark Cuban or Daymond John when describing a serial entrepreneur, but I’m about to flip the script.

10 Characteristics Of A Serial Entrepreneur: Are You Jay Z Or Benjamin Franklin?

I’m going to set this off by citing the godfather of serial entrepreneur, Mr. Benjamin Franklin. I really do appreciate this mi-centre.com-Z is a great mi-centre.com-Z’s 17 Secrets to become a successful entrepreneur is really very mi-centre.com for such a valuable blog Wod says: April 10, at PM.

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How Jay Z Started His Entrepreneurial Projects

Jaz helped Jay get started early because his dealings helped Jay-Z to create Roc-A-Fella Records inalso with the help of entrepreneur Damon Dash and Kareem Burke. The creation of his own record label only helped the success of his debut album "Reasonable Doubt," which made it as high as #23 in the US.3/5(3).

Jay z entrepreneur essay
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