Johnny test diaper writing at a baby

You turned me into a girl? Unfortunately doing all this ends up interfering with an awesome party he and Dukey had been planning to throw where they relax, eat junk food and watch TV all day.

He went over to the Tea house and went inside. He stood up forgetting he was wearing heels. He then opened the closet and saw the perfect blue dress for him to wear.

Mary put him on a bed as soon as she laid him on the bed changes started to happen. His hair started to grow when it stopped growing it was halfway down his back. He sighed "Over the lips and pass the gums lookout stomach here it comes…" He tipped the bottle back and took a swig from the test tube.

With them in hand he pulled a lever, which brought a closet into sight. After the changes he began to wake up.

Susan and Mary shook their heads "No we figured you would want to keep it though. In the credits, when Johnny Test is said in the second time in the chorus, it is cut out.

What kind of sicko are you? Then right afterwards a three year old Johnny came onto the screen. As the robot exploded Eugene was shot back to his island home.

According to the credits, Warner Bros. They almost get away with it when the baby food and diapers they stuffed in the couch get thrown back out all over the place and Gil makes a comment about their new babies busting Johnny and the girls.

Meanwhile Susan was taking the barrette she had in her hair and switched with Jessica. He took it out of the closet and went back to the levers and pulled another one. He took off his clothes and put on the girl clothes.

Susan I need your glasses. Jessica walked up to the house and walked in. Then a picture of a three year old Jessica came up on the screen.

Contents [ show ] Plot Susan and Mary purposely turn themselves into twin babies while their parents were out so Gil who started his own babysitting service could take care of them.Follow/Fav The Truth about Johnny Test. By: Kita Skyfire 2.

"Now if you look to the computer screen you will now see Johnny's/Jessica's/your baby pictures." Jessica looked at the screen and saw herself as a one year old baby. She couldn't help but say "Awweh I was so cute!" Then a picture of two year old Jessica showed up on the screen and.

Gil Johnny Test Dukey Gay Porn

Jan 10,  · Watch more Johnny Test on Cartoon Network! About Johnny Test: Johnny Test is always ready to test any crazy experiments his genius sisters Mary and Susan come up with. Presenting the 32nd cartoon character to be bastardised and drawn in a diaper by me.

Dukey of Johnny Test fame. Indeed. All images are copyrighted and may not be copied / modified in any way. All other brand names & trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

Johnny's New Baby Sisters

Generated in seconds at pm on Sep 12, via server S Mar 29,  · Johnny's diaper TMK Productions. Loading Unsubscribe from TMK Productions? Johnny Test Johnny's New Baby Sisters - Duration: mcginn magnyviews. One day, a boy named Johnny Test and his loyal mutt,dukey were skateboarding down the biggest hill in porkbelly, suicide hill.

They went down,down,down! The wind swooshed through Johnny's flaming hair and through dukey's fur.

Johnny test diaper writing at a baby
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