Parents blame childhood obesity essay

For example, if a parent rarely encourages their child to go outside and play, they will believe that sitting inside all day is the right thing to do.

The longer the child is using technology, the more likely he or she will be exposed to this fast-food frenzy. Parents are role models and they can help prevent their children from being obese. Perhaps the kid was better off crying, because the fries do not help him in the long run.

Study reveals parents' poor eating habits are to blame for childhood obesity, NOT fast food

In this case, a parent allowed their kid get what they wanted just because he whined for it. In fact, each serving of fries contain about 48 grams of carbohydrates and calories. In the future their children are going to keep that pattern and the result is going to be an obese next generation.

Clearly, it is the fault of the parents for choosing to eat unhealthy foods and feeding them to their children, regardless if they read the label. They know that fast food is not a good choice.

Currently, children are surrounded by technology. One would expect that two sides of fries is two servings, but that is not the case. The parents are the ones who decide to read or not to read the nutrition label and still consume the food and distribute it to the rest of their family.

Clearly, parents need to watch what their children consume more carefully. Growing up, I looked up to my mom and dad. Parents also set bad examples for their kids by eating unhealthy food. On the other hand, others may say that it is portion distortion that is making America fat.

However, parents-- not the fast-food companies- are to blame for the amount of overweight children that are present today. Even with the other options, the parents are the ones who buy the happy meal in the end.

In contrast, running burns calories, walking burns 53 calories, and riding a bike burns up to calories. They are the people in the household who, most of the time, buy groceries and cook or bring home dinner for the rest of their family.

I wanted to be just like them and do everything they did. Other foods advertised to be healthy but actually are not include Subway sandwiches, light yogurt, protein bars, reduced fat peanut butter, Vitaminwater, and gluten-free snacks and baked goods.

There is long list of possible people to blame and every side to this obesity war is finding ways to put the fault on each other.

A public health group in California has asked the governor to declare childhood obesity a state of emergency. The Sacramento Bee, Almost all of them are destroyed throughout the process. If the they continuously feed their children a Big Mac and french fries, their children are going to continuously want a Big Mac and french fries.

Parents have control and a say in what their children eat.

However, all of the nutrition facts have information about only one serving of food, so that is what people think they are eating. They need to teach their children at home not to eat fast food and begin with the healthy foods.Nov 28,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Childhood Obesity Blame On Parents to help you write your own Essay.

Obesity Essay “Before most children can speak, they can recognize McDonald’s.” This embarassing truth proves who is to blame for the fast food obesity crisis.

Childhood Obesity: The Responsibility of Parents Although obesity is a very sensitive topic, it is a pressing issue in modern culture, and it is something we cannot ignore. Who is responsible for the health of America? Is it parents, teachers, or is it the responsibility of fast food marketers to properly inform their audience?Often the blame is shifted to other people and to other influences.

These statistics only reveal a partiality of the influences of obesity, but the main figures to blame are the parents of obese children (Barbour).

Our environment provides a variety of food choices for children, but it is the parents who need to select and promote healthy eating habits. Essay on Are Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity?

Words | 6 Pages. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States. One out of five children in the U.S. are obese.

In fact, “Approximately 17% (or million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese ("Obesity rates among," ).

Childhood Obesity: Fast Food Companies Are To Blame Essay example - Since the fast food industry is targeting America’s youth, providing healthier options on children’s menus will reduce the rate of childhood obesity and allow for a healthy future.

Parents blame childhood obesity essay
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