Qualities of good boyfriend

This could be something like randomly texting to tell her that she is on your mind or call her up to let her know you love her.

They should respect your thoughts, opinions, body and choices. Sometimes, all they really need is to know that there is someone who is willing to hear to their rants, who can listen to everything that seems to be swirling in their minds, and maybe offer them some advice, or even just listen when she has to vent.

Stop playing the blame game or doubting her motives or intentions. Girls have a thing for surprises. Surprise her Yes, every girl deserves a sweet surprise.

Attentiveness A boyfriend should be a friend, as well as a lover, and for that, he needs to pay attention to your needs, and your problems.

Honesty Honesty, from day one, is an essential part of any relationship and, if there is any sign of dishonesty at all, you should be thinking hard about whether this is the right guy for you.

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You should always respect and love her for who she is and not expect her to change. A good boyfriend would never tell a lie, because even a little lie, is breach of your trust and it is showing you Qualities of good boyfriend lack of that, all important, respect that we mentioned before. This is not about being picky, or expecting too much, these are the things that matter if you are planning to spend a lot of time with a guy.

Sense of humour This is definitely one of very important qualities of a good boyfriend. Trust her Trust is one of the most important components of your relationship.

Shutterstock Often, the best gifts that you can give to anyone is your time. Lying is not only wrong, but it also makes trust difficult to come by. Make it a point to come up with ways to make her smile a lot more often.

So, make sure that you can take out time for love, no matter how busy you may be.

The 10 Qualities Good Boyfriends Have

Take her to the mall and watch her go crazy as she picks her favorite stuff. Every love story is worth living and now it can be yours.

Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License Some women Qualities of good boyfriend a thing for long rants. Ten years down the line, when you will look back at life, you will be happy that you have made all of these special memories with your loved one.

Make her smile Image source: Life comes with a lot of obstacles, but let your love be strong enough to help the two of you sail through it. It infuses love and happiness into your communication. Skip this Ad Next Respect Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. She is your partner, your love.

Do not disrespect her or abuse her for any reason. If you have a BF or GF, does they have these qualities? Well, we beg to differ. At the very least, it would be good if he took an interest in what goes on the world around him and he can express an opinion. Be loyal, she deserves it Do we even need to emphasize the importance of this one?

Stay away from those. Confidence Confidence in a man is always an attractive trait, so watch for how he behaves with other people and the posture that he adopts. Shutterstock What do you think are important qualities in a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Regardless of how tempting things may get, you should not ditch her for another girl. Girls deserve to be treated as an equal, as both of you are partners in the relationship.

She deserves to be treated as an equal. Are they kind to the waiter on your date? If a guy can make you laugh, then you know you are on to a good thing.One of the qualities of a good boyfriend that you won’t read about in any mainstream magazine is the ability to say “no” when she wants some free stuff.

If she is not okay to split the bill with you, you know that she’s only dating you because of your financial generosity. Jun 14,  · We already know what makes a good girlfriend but what makes a good boyfriend?

It's a question for the ages, really. It's a question for the ages, really. I asked guy friends, random dudes on social platforms, and, ah, last but not least, my boyfriend, in all his great boyfriend glory — what, specifically, makes an amazing male mi-centre.com Country: US.

I think that many of the traits that we say distinguish a good boyfriend (or partner, or man, or whichever word you prefer) are often considered "normal" traits in a woman. Here, we will discuss 12 of the best qualities that make up a good boyfriend, which every guy should aspire to cultivate.

Being a good boyfriend has a lot of perks. The way your girl will look at you will make you feel 50 shades of happy. Today, let’s talk about some great character traits that would make a guy perfect boyfriend Obviously, everyone is different and everyone has their own personality; but there are certain important things that are, almost, essential for a happy and fulfilled relationship.

A successful romance can be quite formulaic, for there are certain elements of dating that guys should never overlook. And with all the women out there who complain that their boyfriends are not.

Qualities of good boyfriend
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