Sentence fluency in writing activities

We begin these exercises as a whole class, sitting in front of the SmartBoard.

But this one is just right. Here are several of my favorite activities to help my students develop this aspect of sentence fluency. Terry Osbourne, an Oregon teacher, shared the following idea with us.

They can write just on loose leaf paper or on a dry erase slate. To craft lovely sentences, however, our kids must also understand and apply writing conventions covered in this article.

Sentence Variations Rewriting the same sentence in a variety of ways is a valuable skill for young writers and one we practice in my classroom. We need to have a variety of sentence lengths to keep things interesting and make our writing more lively.

At the same time the teacher uses only one of beginnings and writes a paragraph.

Writing: Sentence Fluency

My students enjoy this simple activity, and ask to do it often. Your students may suggest, "When we pulled into the driveway, we noticed a plain brown box waiting on our front porch. It makes use of two mentor texts. Too much of the same color suggests specific sentences for revision.

Using a favorite fluently written chapter book, select a paragraph, and retype it, making an overhead transparency. Ask your class to count the number and words in each sentence. Read, read, read to your classes. Suppose you roll a six. Expect quite a bit of stumbling and stuttering!

Question the students on what they noticed and can learn from the activity. This is one of my favorite, fun lessons to help my students think of fresh, inventive ways to begin sentences!

It will also help them tune their ear to good sentence fluency. You can help your students read their pieces aloud independently by giving them whisper phones.

Writing 101: Sentence Fluency Activities

Share a favorite activity write-up and earn a free NNWP resource for your classroom. Add as many words as you wish, allowing your students to make the best sentences possible.

Then ask your students to help you add proper capitalization and punctuation, creating smooth, easy-on-the-ear sentences. Shared ideas can be directed to: I let them all write a short paragraph that attempts to capture the sights and circumstances of having to leave.

Repeat this activity regularly, using new, interesting words to help your class learn to write sentences of various lengths. Explore three different techniques for starting sentences with the three interactive story starter prompts above.

Moving Day by Anthony G. Our students write words, phrases, and sentences of their own that are lyrical to the ear. Listening for a Lyrical Sound Through reading aloud, writers discover rhythm, cadence, and the flow of language.

As part of the six trait writing processworking with sentence fluency is one of the most delightful, engaging writing traits. Try them and see what you think!The six researched components of all good writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) need to be introduced to students in a kid-friendly Download Kristina's Favorite Picture Books for Teaching the 6 Traits.

Writing Sentences: Roll and Write Activity - get children learning about sentence structure and writing longer sentences with this interactive writing activity. (This Reading Mama) Find this Pin and more on Writing Activities for Kids by This Reading Mama.

Writing: Sentence Fluency Hi!

Sentence Fluency

It's Melissa again from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late here to talk about I know in Virginia, our 5th grade students are working hard to prepare for their big writing assessment at the very beginning of April, and all the snow we've had is just causing more stress for the poor teachers.

However, we had a ray. Literacy Centers, Writing, Sentence Fluency Receive 2 Writing Work for Big Kids Resources for FREE by purchasing the bundle here: Writing Work for Big Kids Bundle This resource contains printables for writers to.

Ask your class to count the number and words in each sentence. Read the paragraph aloud, asking your students to listen for how sentence fluency affects the sound of a piece. Sentence Fluency: Listening for a Lyrical Sound Through reading aloud, writers discover rhythm, cadence, and the flow of language.

That’s good sentence fluency. You can measure the length of a sentence simply by counting the words.

Short sentences in student writing tend to have words in them. The average sentence has approximately words. Long sentences may be as long as 20 words or more.

Sentence fluency in writing activities
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