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They had great wit for arts, literature and architecture. This sample history essay explores how the battle between Athens and Sparta resulted in an eventual Spartan Sparta vs athens persuasive essay, though Athens would prevail in terms of cultural influence. Political differences between Sparta and Athens Despite these dramatic differences, it was the political differences that ultimately drew the dividing line between Sparta and Athens.

Both cultures used hoplites and the phalanx in battles, and they were very effective. Purchasing an essay for sale Athens And Sparta In most of the ancient kingdoms, geography played a significant role of separating different groups.

Each government was unique also. Good services Get a freelance wirting job at writersdepartment. They were not allowed or equipped to be intellectually stimulating so that and other stimulation was sought among men Bulliet et al. Parents made sure that they raised hardy and strong children to withstand army activities.

Because Sparta favored warriors above all other professions, they also valued those who produced warriors. The turning point for Athens were the laws given by Solon. It would not have been in the nature of Sparta to admit this as a weakness and the reliance on the Helots became so fundamental to the Spartan culture that they never bothered to change their tactics.

A common thread was also religion; even though they were so unalike, the same gods were worshipped. The best thing in this regard is to develop your essay writing skills which in their own way are the most influential thing to enhance your overall writing skills.

Athens And Sparta

Most of the greatest scientists were from Athens. They, however, put some emphasis on science and arts. Greece contributed so many things to modern civilization; some of our society is directly borrowed from these people.

The Athenian culture produced some great art from this time period, and the Classical and Hellenistic period of Greek art is still studied and admired today.

Specifically, they valued strong, healthy women. This is evident in the Battle of Marathon, where the Athens won a battle against great odds. Be Better With Us! The priority had to continue to be the dominance of the conquered Messenians. Despite all these, they had a passion for beauty. Every advancement in Athens and every lack of advancement in Sparta was directly connected to the food supply in each city-state respectively.

Lycurgus was the person behind the laws that made Sparta into a society that was basically one large armed camp.

They had a lot of emphasis on the army strength and total dedication to serving the state. They liked to study philosophy, science and history in a systematic way.

Uploaded by fatherflem on Mar 26, Sparta and Athens: Athens did have the clear advantage in diversity and privileges of social classes. An Athenian citizen could enjoy the hope of advancement by improving their economic status, still tied to productivity.

They were unable to interact with their new subjects diplomatically and they lacked the population and strength to rule Greece as they had ruled the Helots.

The Spartans were descendents of the Dorian invaders, while the Athenians were of Ionian descent. A lot of time was taken grooming young men for being soldiers that little time was left for the study of arts and literature.

Select network Understanding cultural differences in ancient Greece is largely a function of comprehending the various factors that drive cultural trajectories. The two philosophies that were followed in the two city-states were quite different also. Cities like Athens and Sparta of the ancient Greece are a perfect example of cities that developed very well due to competition.

In Athens, young people were allowed to pursue different lines of interest in education. Not only did Sparta view virtually everyone else as weak and inferior, but they could not afford to distract themselves from managing the Helot population Bulliet et al.

Thanks to the construction of a navy, funded by Persia, Sparta was able to take its military superiority to the only arena that Athens had remained dominant, the sea Bulliet et al.

Get it done by team of expert writers from i Buy Essay. The Spartans who were largely credited with rebuffing the invasions of Xerxes years before turned out to be the force that made it possible for Persia to finally conquer Greece Bulliet et al.

Spartan women enjoyed considerable social status while Athenian women were little better than Helots were in Spartan society. That theme is still living up to today and it is widely known as classical describing the extensive use of art and style in architecture.

Essay on Athens and Sparta

Solon chose to abolish the practice of debt slavery, and introduced land reforms. The similarities between the two cultures are few, but are important.Feb 17,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Sparta Persuasive to help you write your own Essay. Join Now! Login Athens vs.

Sparta Essay Athens and Sparta are unalike, even though they were city-states located near each other. These two city-states followed philosophies. Athens vs Sparta Essay Athens which is in southern Europe is one of the oldest cities in Ancient Greece. It is believed to have been established.

Argumentative Essay Sparta Sparta and Athens were two Greek city-states. Geographically, they are very close to one another, but each had their different views on beliefs, values, life styles, and culture.

This sample history essay explores how the battle between Athens and Sparta resulted in an eventual Spartan victory, though Athens would prevail in terms of cultural influence. History of Athens and Sparta5/5(5). Athens vs. Sparta Words | 5 Pages.

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3/7 Due: 3/22/13 Envision a world where the people are ravenous and yearning for any remnant of food they could obtain, where the society is overrun and no one has a free say. Greek Cities: Athens vs Sparta Essay - Greece is a country united by its name, but divided by its ways. Although Sparta and Athens were both Greek cities, their societies were different.

Sparta VS Athens

- In persuasive or argumentative writing, we try to convince others to agree with our facts, share our values, accept our argument and conclusions, and.

Sparta vs athens persuasive essay
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