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Good sportsmanship comes from players who are determined to give it percent all the time. Being considerate, showing respect and playing fair can be taught early in life.

I thought I should go out the doors and run away! Just watching my teammates out there playing hard and winning is a thrill enough for me.

The poor sportsmanship does not help you on or off the court in the long run. The art implies obedience to the leader. Also, having good sportsmanship will help you succeed in life. They often forget to have fun. Last fall there were incidents in pro football of bottle throwing from the stands.

People who have good sportsmanship have better games. Finally, the spirit of sportsmanship demands cheerfulness even in the face of a defeat. Set a good example with your courteous behavior toward the parents of kids on the other team. Good personal essay starters for 6th turengin yhteiskoulu rhetorical essay esp scientific research paper?

In life too, a sportsman yields to his superior even if he does not agree with him. The best coaches — and parents — encourage their kids to play fair, to have fun, and to concentrate on helping the team while polishing their own skills. Refs appreciate that extra little effort to hand them the ball instead of just letting it lie where it is.

Maybe some people in my situation would quit, give up and throw in the towel after a few lost games or not much playing time. He had turned around and was jawing back at her. Good sportsmanship should first be taught by parents.

It does help to have a star athlete on your team, but it is not the end of the world if you do not have one. Using sportsmanship helps the team work together as one on and off the courts. So having good sportsmanship can help you in the long run.

This incident cost me the match and the enjoyment of a great tournament. The instigator of the Olympics, Baron de Coubertin, would have agreed; he stated, "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

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Sportsmanship Essays (Examples)

Without constant reminders and good examples, they may also forget what behavior is appropriate before, during, and after a sporting event.

Win, lose or draw, these are high school, teen-age kids, not professionals being paid to do whatever they can to win.


There is nothing wrong with this attitude; unfortunately, it is the reason why most Americans go to work each day and work long hours, to attain the best for themselves and their families.

Fair play, respect for discipline, recognition of the need for teamwork and cheerfulness even in the event of defeat are thus the dominant marks of a sportsman.

Madie Monk Earns Manteno Middle School's Scholar Attitude Award

Sportsmanship, by definition, is the qualities or conduct of a good sportsman, especially Sportsmanship essay winners on fair play accompanied by the capacity to win or lose gracefully, without arrogance in victory or whining in defeat.

Therefore, someone has to teach them what good sportsmanship really is - playing by the rules, respecting your opponents and the officials and putting hard work over winning.

Sportsmanship is worthy of admiration Related Articles: After all, good sportsmanship is contagious. Even if others break the rules in order to win, a person still has no reason to earn a "red card" by retaliating.

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One who has achieved skill or proficiency in games but does not learn to apply the principles of sports to life in general does not deserve to be called a sportsman. So bad sportsmanship can ruin things for you now and in the long run. Instead of answering his critics, the coach turned and walked away.Adults who emphasize good sportsmanship, however, see winning as just one of several goals they'd like their kids to achieve.

They help young athletes take pride in their accomplishments and in their improving skills, so that the kids see themselves as winners, even if the scoreboard doesn't show the numbers going in their favor.

Powered by allofe. Manteno Middle School eighth grader Madie Monk was the recipient of the Scholar Attitude Award for her essay on The Value of Sportsmanship.

"Goooooo Team! I believe that sportsmanship is very important," she wrote. · MMS Essay Winners madie monk, essay, sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

Jun 11,  · View and download sportsmanship essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your sportsmanship essay.

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Sportsmanship is an interesting phrase with varied connotations. As a competitive society we are taught and brought up to shoot for the stars, to outdo the other guy. There is nothing wrong with.

Sportsmanship essay winners
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