Tata power csr case study

So, I got LED strips from market that could be illuminated by my power-source.

Board of Directors

Deveshwar is a past President of CII. It was handed over by Dr. He had the privilege of heading two critical zones of LIC covering more than 15 states of India. The award was presented on Jan 7, in New Delhi.

Naik said, "As a concept, CSR is ingrained in our DNA and has been part of our value system long before it became largely realised to do so. The bulk of the costing of such lights is that of the battery. N Subrahmanyan, Member of the Board and Sr.

Ever since he was 5 years old, he used to break open many of his toys and dissected the parts. I started my research for Hybrid Powertrain Technologies in Dec and was just 17 then.

He is a certified Professional Consultant American Consultant Institutewas a recipient of Management Excellence Award of the employee of the year from the California Executives Association, and the recipient of Director of the year award from the Californian State Government Legislature, Suresh Prabhu, the Former Union Minister.

This has been recognised by his appointment as visiting professor and faculty of twelve universities in India and six universities abroad in Quality Management, Environmental Management, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Communication, Journalism etc.

They have deployed cutting-edge analytics that enhances the speed and efficiency of their operations. It has been his work in promoting distance education throughout East Africa, which has been illustrated by the growth of the use of the Internet in East African tertiary education.

Other positions included non executive director of Bureau Veritas Nigeria Limited and non executive chairman of Lotalan-Lotatronics Ltd.

Fact is, they are looking to buy a hybrid car within a budget of Rs. Employers were evaluated across 17 key factors including employee benefits, salary structure and long term job security. Unlike the 90 days maturity time taken by the traditional crops, the cash crops need days to mature.

Also, have you thought about the pricing aspect? It uses Data Analytics to make more meaningful decisions from the huge amount of data by culling different viewpoints from it. He has designed a hybrid-electric retrofit kit for cars, which promises to cut down emissions and increase mileage of cars.

This is especially true in Tier 2 and 3 cities where the internet bandwidth is a bit slow. He is also a Director on the Board of Dr. Nashik Elevated Corridor Project Mr. My objective was to provide light to children in villages, who cannot study after sunset due to absence of electricity.

Early irrigation and sowing also ensures early ripening and harvesting of crops.

With global warming, the Himalayan ice melts faster than it did earlier. As many as 16 Indian companies were listed this year as against 13 last year. Evidence of this contribution is his work in developing post secondary professional vocational programs in the fields of Accounting, Business Administration and Law.General Electric's Corporate Social Responsability - I chose to look into General Electric for this project because they are an energy supplier and multi-national company.

WET IC walked away with several honors at the Golden Globe Tigers Awards, the highlight being ‘The Water Company of the Year’ These awards aim to recognize ‘tigers’ in marketing, branding & social innovation, education & academics in leadership at the individual and organizational levels.

Tata Power: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability case study.

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dilemma involved. Tata Power: CSR and Sustainability • Make a Brief detail of the case. • Is the company concerned about the Triple Bottom Line?

Identify instances in the case. -More emphasis on CSR from the public puts pressure on Tata Power -Plans to expand its capabilities with 7, MW of additional generation capacity -Researching technologies to lower carbon emissions from power generating activities.

Case Study Analysis on TATA POWER: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINIBILITYSubmitted to: Submitted By: Prof. Supriti Mishra Aditya A.

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TATA Power Case Solution & Answer

Explore by Interests. The company originated in and was originally formed as the “Tata Hydroelectric Power .

Tata power csr case study
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