The foreign exchange management of southeast bank limited

This is very much necessary n the interest of the expanding client and to ensure them full range of banking services. Strength Accessibility of Branches: So that their payment against goods is ensured.

Dual Currency credit card availability: Insufficient presence of modern communication equipment. Application of modern technology such as computerization is not sufficient. The Bank continues to maintain its leading role to strengthen growth initiative in the private sector. At the same time SEBL has failed to be a full-fledged corporate bank.

The worldwide trend of mergers and acquisition in financial institutions is causing concentration in power in the industry and competitors are increasing in power in their respective areas. They have already achieved a high growth rate accompanied by an impressive profit growth rate in The Bank faced the challenge as new banks are arising and many foreign banks start their journey, continued efforts have been made to enhance the growth and development through the realistic policy pursued by the Board of Directors and Management.

International and Foreign Exchange Business: In the case of import, the bank usually works as the issuing bank and in the case of export the bank works as advising bank or negotiating bank or as both.

SEBL should move towards the real time on line banking operations. One the basis of overall analysis, I would like to briefly say a few words on the overall policy and performance of the Bank.

ATM Booth was not available: Also CBL come up with a huge advertisement by using different media. In importing goods from abroad the clients have to give a percentage of total cost of goods, as advance.

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All these have leaded them to earn a reputation in the banking field. Those are Gulshan, Danmondi and Motijheel Branch.

Without effect of remittance no country can develop her. Since the foreign banks have tremendous financial strength, it will pose a threat to local banks to a certain extent in terms of grabbing the lucrative clients.

It is high time that they should go for this because the foreign banks as well as some local banks are already in to the total on line banking operations.

There is absence use of modern banking services like electronic banking system, Interent banking system. On the other hand there are officers who work hard but are not apprised accordingly. Dual currency Visa credit card: Its capital adequacy ratio is just above the requirement of 9.

Southeast Bank Limited, kakrail Branch has already established correspondent banking relationship with many important countries of the world to facilitate cross boarder trade and payment. In all of their business activities, they should recognize their operation to establish an even greater benefit to their customers by providing quality banking services.

There are people who are only drawing salaries at the end of the month but making a minimum or no contribution towards the organization. Very few remittances in miscellaneous currencies are also received.

In this era of globalization completion among the bank is increase intensively. Most of the time customers are not fully satisfied or services were not up to their expectation level. Within a period of 14 years, SEBL has already established a firm footing in the banking sector having tremendous growth in the profits and deposits.

These documents and papers work as claim of the credits. Payment for goods exported from Bangladesh should be received through an Authorized Dealer in freely convertible foreign currency or in Bangladeshi Taka from a Non-Resident Account.

Below discuss in shortly. Foreign Exchange operation of other renowned commercial banks is more dynamic and less time consuming. Attractive incentive package for the exporter will help to increase the export Introduction of Internet Banking.Foreign Exchange Practice Of Southeast Bank Limited is the banking industry of Bangladesh, and various services SEBL is providing to sustain as leading bank in Bangladesh.

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Foreign Exchange Practices of Southeast Bank Limited Subject: Banking Topic: Internship Report The main objective of this report is to obtain a clear idea about the Foreign Exchange Business of Southeast Bank Limited also examine how the L/C is opened and how the Export and Import operation is done.

To observe the Foreign Exchange operation of Southeast Bank Limited and their from FINANCE at Southeast University, Bangladesh. May 05,  · Download eBooks on Business, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, BBA and MBA, Download Assignments, Reports, Internship Reports, Seminar Papers, Workshop.

based on Foreign Exchange Department of SouthEast Bank Limited. I have got the opportunity to work in SOUTHEAST bank limited.

in foreign exchange department of shyamoli branch for twelve weeks, under the supervision of Md. Zakaria Taslim, Principal Officer. This project gave me both academic and practical exposures.

The foreign exchange management of southeast bank limited
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