The last shot by darcy frey

The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams

He points out that the NCAA does not consider any other indications of scholastic potential besides the standardized tests. That was tough to accept for the people around him. In neglected neighborhoods where the majority of the population lives in 20 story public housing projects, there is but one glimmer of hope for some: This book gave me a fresh appreciation for the fact that these players have reached the point where they can even put on jersey and step out onto an NBA floor.

Darcy Frey

Caught somewhere between puberty and superstardom, he walks around with his sneakers untied, the ends of his belt drooping suggestively from his pants, and half a Snickers bar extruding from his mouth….

Some applauded its unromantic portrayal of the city game; others pronounced that the neighborhood had been betrayed. Not even knowing that I was gonna be kept away from it. The game is called on account of total pandemonium: A neighborhood obsessed with basketball and dangerously little room to imagine much else.

Before he hangs up, I ask for a favorite basketball memory, and he quickly obliges: The author moved on and took the story with him. New York City basketball is a fascinating, Byzantine world, with a cast of institutions and legends all its own.

Johnson recalls past games, both here and at the real Garden, expertly pantomiming spin moves and killer crossovers and layups. And Don, presumably, continues to view Frey as another would-be leech.

And that kicks off with a virtuosic midgame scene that takes place at a favored Coney Island court named The Garden: We still talk about it to this day.

PistonPowered Book Club: ‘The Last Shot’ by Darcy Frey

He then attempts to set up a contract that would share profits from the book with the kids, but is ultimately blocked by NCAA regulations on amateur athletes.

To have your life story used as fodder, without palpable recompense, feels exploitative. Johnson knows the lure of the NBA is undeniable. Disconnected from his wife and young son in California, he ended up homeless. Without interrupting his dribble. I just wanted to spend a year in a neighborhood with some kids.

I could have played with those guys. That was a big game. A floor of a housing project? As each Marbury brother has failed to stick, his professional aspirations have slid down to the next, until all have accumulated in the catch basin that is Stephon.

Despite the efforts of some dedicated faculty members, socioeconomic conditions have put academics down the priority list. I had my outfits and everything.

Frey encountered his share of challenges when writing The Last Shot. Dribbling by himself in a corner of the court, Stephon has raised a ball with one hand directly over his head and threaded it through his legs. He was beautiful to watch. Flicking wants to become a nurse.The last shot by Darcy Frey is a classic nonfiction book of a little town called Coney island which is a place of desolation and despair where the only hope came from men who are gifted at playing was hard for young black kids to have the possibility of going to college,making their own career path, and finding success/5.

In The Last Shot, Darcy Frey gives his firsthand account of following four players from Abraham Lincoln High School (alma mater of current NBA players Sebastian Telfair and Lance Stephenson) for close to a year beginning in the spring of Frey closely chronicles the lives of seniors Tchaka Shipp, Corey Johnson and Darryl Flicking.

The Last Shot By Darcy Frey. Essay #2: The Last Shot The dream of creating a greater life for oneself and family through the game of basketball is not restricted to any time or place in American history.

As long as there is a court, there lies the opportunity to experience the hoop dream.

The Last Shot

Basketball ‘The Last Shot,’ 20 Years Later. Two decades after Darcy Frey’s seminal work on New York City basketball, Lincoln High School, and four boys from Coney Island, we look back at the book’s legacy and enduring importance.

Darcy Frey is an American writer from New York. Best known for his book The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams, Frey has published articles in New England Monthly, Rolling Stone, Harper's, and The New York Times mi-centre.comtion: Writer, English Department Faculty at Harvard University.

For instance, Frey offers devastating anecdotes about dishonest college recruiters and about the NCAA. This excellent book is not only about basketball but about realizing a dream, and its appeal should be very wide.

The last shot by darcy frey
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