Wanted poster book report project

After you have printed out the unique book report templates, the only materials that you will need to have in your classroom to complete these book report projects are scissors, glue, tape, and coloring pencils. To save you time in coloring your example that you show to your students, I have included color wanted poster templates in this teaching resources set.

Think about your favorite character or the last scene in the book. Below are the top left and right templates. Finish reading the book before you begin your report.

Below are the bottom left and right templates.

These wanted poster graphic organizers are a unique and fun way to get your students excited about completing a writing assignment about the books that they have read. Save and reuse the resource forever. This set of teaching resources includes assembling directions on how to prepare and assemble this wanted poster book report project.

Read the book This is an obvious, but very important, first step!

Wanted Poster Templates

What traits does the main character have that you have too? Brainstorm what else you want to include, such as great illustrations, who told you about the book, if the author wrote anything else, and where this book ranks on your list of favorites. All that you will need is scissors, glue, tape, and coloring pencils.

This helps you to pick out specific parts of the story and these details will give you examples when you create your project. First person — the narrator is also a main character who refers to himself as "I.

This wanted poster book report project is divided into the following creative writing sections: Before my students begin writing their first drafts, I show them my finished wanted poster project. Serious tone for readers who want to learn about the Holocaust or humorous tone for readers who want a silly book about surviving middle school 4.

Your students will WANT to be creative and use their imaginations to complete this fun reading response activity. Students write why the main character is wanted by the police, the action that happened, and what caused the character to commit this crime.

The writing responses that are required of your students will make them think and write about the main characters of their books in a challenging and engaging way. My book report projects are unique in shape, but simple in supplies! If you have access to a laminating machine, I recommend that you laminate your banner so that it will be more durable and you can use it again in the future.

Purchase this book report project below: Your students will have fun using their imaginations to think up a crime that their characters have committed. Everything that you need to complete these wanted book report projects is included in this set of teaching resources.

In addition, this set of reading resources includes 4 reading posters with a wanted theme that can be used as accent pieces for your classroom bulletin board display. Find an interesting aspect of the story This can be anything! This set of teaching resources includes 5 worksheet templates that are glued together to form a wanted poster.

Many teachers spend their valuable time cutting out large display letters or making a banner at home on their own computers.

I always complete an example of this wanted poster book report project before I introduce this assignment to my students. Have an opinion What did you like?

Students write where the character was last seen and a summary of the story. The finished wanted poster book report project measures 18 inches in height and 12 inches in width.

All of my book report projects include the following components: First Draft Worksheet 2: You can select the version U.

Create a First-Rate Book Report

Answering this kind of question can show you the audience the book is geared to.MOVIE POSTER BOOK REPORT PROJECT Project Description: For this book report you will be required to create a movie poster based on the book you have read.

Imagine your book is being made into a movie and you are in charge of advertising! “MOVIE POSTER” BOOK REPORT For this book report you will be required to create a movie poster based on the theme of the book you have read.

You will be graded on your creativity, attention to detail, as. Students will enjoy sharing what they have learned about a famous person using this interesting and varied worksheet. They will share important information about their subject in. Wanted Poster Book Report Project: templates, worksheets, rubric, and more.

Book Report Projects Reading Projects Book Projects Project Ideas Book Reports School Projects School Ideas Mystery Books Book Clubs. Maybe you'll make a wanted poster for the book's villain or use a shoebox to create a Remember that you don't have to enjoy a book to do a good report on it.

While your book project shouldn't just list complaints about the book, your teacher will probably appreciate the thought you put into your opinion. Challenge the author's original ending. Each Book Report Project Set Contains: (5 pages long) Note: To READ detailed information about each resource set and to view large pictures of the book report templates, Extra Large Wanted Poster.

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Wanted poster book report project
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