What is self fulfilling prophecy essay

Let us assume a teacher, who expects a student to be slothful, is likely to treat that student in such a way that it draws out the very same response he or she expects. The tragic hero, Macbeth, unfortunately fell under his own autonomy due to his contemplations, disregard of opposing encouragements, and his given objectives and intentions.

Function of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy More often than not, the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy device in literature gives the readers a clear insight to the actions and motivations of the characters. Thus Macbeth constantly had the ultimate control of his own actions and chose them according to his objectives and intentions.

Works Cited Shakespeare, William. Unfortunately Macbeth acted on this vision that was created by his own contemplations and made the final decision to murder Duncan. However, he consciously gains murderous intensions unprovoked and thus from his own free will. The prophecy would have been fulfilled for that man, if he had had belief in the prophecy.

Stereotypes and prejudices can color our judgments of others at an unconscious level and create a negative evaluation of others based solely on what group they may belong or what color they are. These children got to learn first hand just how harsh it is to be the center of discrimination and prejudices.

This is simply not true. One may believe that Macbeth was under the mere perception of free will or he was controlled by other deities. However, not everyone recognizes this in their behavior.

He did not die as he was raised by the king and queen of Corinth. He killed his best friend and his son, Fleance. Prior to this, Macbeth became the thane of Cawdor as the prophecy foretoldthis gave him the impression that he would eventually become king. He told the story of his dream to an officer, who told him that he was a fool, but took note of the dream himself.

Examples of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Literature Self-fulfilling prophecy is used as a plot device in literature. After Macbeth was told of the prophecies regarding himself and Banquo and became the thane of Cawdor, Banquo discovered that the prophecies contained and aura of equivocation.

Since people prejudge others based on their external features, society has created stereotypes in which people are assumed to look and act in a certain manner.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Although this is true, these three witches influenced Macbeth and simply tricked him into performing his insidious actions on his own accord without the thought of negative repercussions.

The audience at the time of Shakespeare did understand the fulfillment of the prophecy, as later on Macduff was succeeded by James I of England, who was a descendant of Banquo.

For someone to be treated like that, for any reason, causes that person to think, "Well, maybe that is true," untimely making them doubt themselves and really feel inferior. Pearson Prentice Hall, Eventually, the remaining half of the prophecy fulfilled itself. The man does so, but soon after facing misfortune, he loses his belief in that dream and ends up in jail.

No matter what the situation means in reality, their reaction toward the situation causes it to be fulfilled in accordance with their perception. Yet Macbeth was given contrasting information to provide resistance to his biased disposition!

In the first act of Macbeth, Macbeth had contemplated on whether or not he should murder Duncan to gain the throne. Stereotypes limit our vision of others, they are always potential dangers.

Thus, the prophecy was fulfilled. Although the evidence that Macbeth acted on free will is irrefutable, some still believe that he was forced into committing these actions and was under the mere perception of free will.

After being told that there may be an insidious outcome of the prophecies, Macbeth consciously disregarded this warning to focus on how he would eventually gain power to the throne. Ironically, the prophecy fulfilled itself as he killed his father, defeated the Sphinx, became the king of Thebes, and married his mother.

One can find examples of self-fulfilling prophecy in popular literary pieces, such as the following:Self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as any expectation, positive or negative, about a situation or event that affects an individual behavior in such a manner that it causes that expectation to be fulfilled.

Take a moment to reconsider the inclusion of the idea of preparation in the example.

Self fulfilling prophecy

Here, preparation is just as important a factor to consider because it is a variable that can greatly surpass the influence of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling Prophecy Essay - More often than not, the outcomes of events that occur in a person’s life is the product of the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is a basic concept of believing something wrong or right and using that mindset to determine the outcome. Some argue it is socially motivated other say it is internally generated through the wanting of something so bad.

From greed and excitement Macbeth continued to contemplate whether his crowning would occur “without [his] stir” (). Although the first portion of the prophecy occurred without his doing, his ambition impulsively lead to him to the initial thought of murdering Duncan.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy This experiment is all about prejudices, stereotyping and self-fulfilling prophecy. Jane Elliot was trying to demonstrate to a class of 3rd graders how it felt to be discriminated against, judged and made fun of/5(1).

What is self fulfilling prophecy essay
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