Why do people buy hybrid cars essay

You can see a Toyota Prius on just about any trip that you take and it does have unique styling that always turns heads. This car gets 16mpg more city and 4mpg more highway than the base Camry. This is definitely not cost efficient for the owner. The cost of a car includes its purchase price and running costs.

Especially driving in the cities during rush hours and traffic jams, hybrid vehicles with low gas emissions work better and effectively compared with the gas cars, one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles.

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Buyers may believe that hybrids produce lower emissions, making it a better quality automobile. Hybrid vehicle is the solution to this grave problem.

Based on their comments, we edited the survey to increase accuracy and clarity. It has been recognized that encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly products is a key challenge for the behavioural scientists Kaplan It is pertinent to mention that hybrids are the most gasoline-effective of all vehicles with owners saving more costs by using hybrid vehicles compared with vehicles running on gas.

Why Hybrids Vehicles Are Better Than Gas

The Prius is able to get 60mpg city and 51mpg highway. This is recorded as the first hybrid car in the history. After the failure of electric cars, car-manufacturers concentrated more on using HEV program to produce vehicles.

They will get better gas mileage and they will go to the pump less but they are only saving a small amount of money each year.

By the end of nineteenth century, hundreds of electric cars were being used in the United States. A significant development occurred when Porsche- a German- invented a hybrid when he used an internal combustion engine and then combined it with an electric motor.

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This car could be the only argument one could make against this paper. They are just similar to other normal vehicles with enough space for everyone including people and pets.

Yost Due to above-mentioned reasons, a hybrid vehicle helps save environment from gas emissions creating pollution and breaking ozone layer.

Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars? Essay

In view of the range of automobiles available in the market, this appears to be a high percentage. For example, intrinsically driven consumers buy hybrid cars to reduce the effects of their driving on the environment. During rush hours, when vehicles are continuously stopping and running, performance of electric motor is appreciative.

These purchase parameters tend to form the final decision-making or —breaking standards for purchase. At this point, it is useful to introduce the possible dimensions and constructs that consumers may use for choosing between different automobiles. Nerad, Hybrid vehicles offer benefits of advance fuel cells as well as wind and solar power.

Cars also have toxins in their exhaust that can cause acid rain or global warming, and even cause cancer in some people. Moreover, plug-in hybrids have also proved to be more fuel-efficient. This is how it can cause cancer in as many as 1, people a year.

Typically these consumers are described as conformists who will follow the directions and wishes of their referent groups.

Hybrid Cars Essay

This car gets 23mpg city and 32mpg highway, not much worse than the Civic Sedan or hybrid, and is much faster and more fun. Not only is it not worth it, but people are not buying them enough to make a difference to the environment anyways, further diminishing their value.

One website listed the Prius and the Camry Hybrid under their list of cars costing around 25k that would be the lowest true cost to own. It means that hybrid vehicles offer more benefits just than saving fuels.

The referred respondent was first asked if they were actively looking and evaluating a vehicle.Encapsulated are some reasons why hybrids are a good thing, along with a bit on why hybrids are not going to work, and concluding will be reasons not to support hybrid cars.

There are some environmental reasons for siding with hybrid cars, including saving fossil fuels for other things, cleaning our air, and saving our planet overall.3/5(9). The Efficiency of Hybrid Cars Essay - The Efficiency of Hybrid Cars Transportation is a large concern in today’s modern world.

Most individuals have opted to buy vehicles for their personal use. Most of these vehicles consume gasoline and a. Luxury Hybrid Cars; Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car Now. But there is no shame in wanting a big-ticket purchase to make sense and most people can’t or won’t do things.

Deakin Research Online This is the published version: Chua, Wan Ying, Lee, Alvin and Sadeque, SaalemWhy do people buy hybrid cars?, in Proceedings of Social Marketing Forum, University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Churchlands, W.A., pp.

Hybrid cars are being built to look like gas fueled cars. Although Hybrid cars are not mainstream as of yet, in the future they will more than likely replace gas only fueled cars.

There are three cars on the market that uses hybrid technology: Toyota Pirus, Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Ford Escape Hybrid. A decade ago, hybrid cars were few and far between, but today, shopping for hybrids consists of much more than choosing which color Toyota Prius to buy.

In fact, the hybrid car market is one of the fastest growing segments of the automotive industry with an enviable annual growth rate.

Why do people buy hybrid cars essay
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